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Written by nwck89

January 4, 2011 at 12:23 am

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The (Almost) Full-fledged Accountant.

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Yes, yes, I’m pretty guilty for not updating Coffeestops ever since it was back in business, was busy stealing coffee from another coffee shop (oops!). Haha, anyway that being said, I guess I should update my fellow Coffeestoppers, or any readers remaining, about my current welfare.

Seriously, is it just me, or does OurCoffeestops load much slower now? o.O or simply just Streamyx sucks. -.-“

Anyway, this would be a part picture, part journal update, so don’t get confused with the paragraph structure.

My finals is like 5 days away, and most definitely my absence can only be explained by the ongoing rigorous NERDING session (as Ying Wei would put it) as I prepare for my final two Professional papers in my ACCA journey. So yea, the end is nigh. VERY near indeed.

For the record, I am only able to update this post because I had Neslo with my family at 12am in Sri Melur and now I couldn’t sleep. -.-“

If you were wondering where I have been, I had my share of party moments too! This was during Sue and Billy’s surprise birthday BBQ party! Sue was so touched I swear I saw her shed tears! Haha, good times, indeed. 🙂

I have mixed feelings regarding the end of the line, honestly. 3.5years have been a bumpy ride, which was filled with joy and sorrows which made it hard to bid farewell to this long journey. Really, at one end I really hope to end it soon, but on the other end, this is really one part of my life I will deeply miss.

But oh well, life’s like a box of chocolates, you really never gonna know what you’re gonna get.

I never liked farewells. The day when Ding Yan bidded farewell to almost everyone he knew in the period of his Sunway tenure before returning back to Malacca, his home town, marking the last time he would ever need to set foot onto Sunway University College left me pondering.

Everyone would soon set sail onto their respective paths.

Taken during Lisa’s belated birthday party in Souled Out Cafe in Desa Sri Hartamas. The food there cost a fortune, but the get-together was a worthwhile outing! 🙂

Would I be able to see everyone again? Well chances are if you’re working in Malaysia, one or two, or perhaps three or four will end up in the same firm you are attached to. What I meant here is, the closeness and the bond that we all forged over the period of our studies. I just can’t help but felt a tinge of sadness, as I too bidded farewell to the guy who totally turned my life upside down last semester. Not to sound gay, but seriously he changed me a whole lot. I could stand and say to you, I am no longer the Nicholas 2 semesters ago. For that, I sincerely thank Ding Yan.

Soon, I have no idea would I be seeing people like Melody, Sue, Lydia, Serng, Billy, Lisa, Wei Ping or even Pei Yi that often. What more not to mention the new bunch of friends that I’ve made over the past 3 months, in which I found so much joy with them, people like Aaron Kee, Jian Qin, Jonathan, Richard Teoh, haha even Madeline as well, whom I wasn’t so close to during my tenure in SAC.

Sure, everyone is just a few kilometres away, but to meet and see each other again everyday like how things used to be is pretty much impossible. Sigh~ bear with me, I tend to get emotional at wee hours like this.

Oh oh, did I mentioned I got hooked on pool recently? 😀 😀 Haha okay random.

The new SAC bunch has been fun! I was quite fortunate to be able to help out in two of its events, and hence was invited for this awesome dinner held at the Sun and Surf Cafe in Sunway Resort Hotel. 🙂

So yeaaa.. soon, I’ll be joining the working world. Perhaps in 2 or 3 months or so? I am actually quite excited about the prospect, but God knows would I even have time for my social life then! Haha. I’m not even sure would I have the time for yumchas! Actually its not that bad. I hope. *fingers crossed* Be it for PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst and Young, Deloitte or any other Professional Services firms, I hope this new experience will be a good one. 🙂 I’m sure He will watch over me, always.

So anyway, speaking of my fellow authors. I really haven’t seen ALL of you for quite some time. Ying Wei is exceptional, I see him everyday I got bored of his face. I actually have no idea how Irna is doing in Singapore, I don’t see her online. Wait maybe its the other way round -.-“, I too hadn’t seen Wei Ling, Kok Kuan or Sarven in ages. Not to mention the authors who are currently abroad, Chris, Jian Wei and Yao Siang. How are you guys doing? Do really miss all of you loads. Drop a comment at this post if any of you happen to be reading!

Haha, if any of you wondered, I’m still pretty much single. 😛 Any candidates applying? Haha, I am just joking. This relationship thing, is a dilemma. Pei Yi mentioned once, although said by Kay Sim himself, that finding a girlfriend in the Audit line, is something which is ‘either you get one before you start working, or never’. I mean, seriously man! What is that supposed to mean?! Its okay. I believe I have plenty of choices when I start work as Audit firms are >60% populated with the female gender. Muahahaha! Erkhem.

Not to forget the recently held Parents’ Appreciation Night by IMPACT! I was pretty blurred as to the planning process as I had two weeks of continuous revision classes, but good thing I was able to be part of it! So glad my family was able to attend the event that night! 🙂

Pretty soon. Pretty soon, I will graduate. I want to graduate. Some may not know, but I am actually racing against time here. Part of the reasons why I want (have) to graduate by this June 2010 examination sitting is because I made a promise with my grandfather back in Sandakan, Sabah. He sounded pretty ill and was pretty much feeling that life was meaningless till I gave him a reason to continue living. I made a promise to graduate and invite him to attend my graduation this coming October. I really want to make him proud if its thats the last thing he will remember on earth before he return to the Lord, as he too has high hopes on me.

Right, the final run to the finish line. You bet I would give it my best! So people, hopefully by August 23rd, all you would hear from me, is good news. 😉

Hmm, and for now I shall continue to wonder, what lies ahead? 🙂

If you’re an avid follower of my Twitter profile, I’m sure you would wonder the WIN Club we have been advocating. Haha, its the state of mentality that drives the best outta you! 😉 To know more of my daily updates, do follow me at my twitter!

P/S To my fellow companions, we shall march forth to victory, and see you guys on graduation. LET’S ROAR!

Written by nwck89

June 2, 2010 at 3:43 pm