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One of the days that I really, REALLY need a big hug. Just someone to tell me, it’s gonna be okay.

Is it me being sensitive? Or you being insensitive? Like really.

I’m not understanding? I’m NOT understanding? In return to your justifications in how I’m not understanding, how am I suppose to know how is it like there? I’ve never studied abroad and you’ve never ‘updated’ me so to speak on what you do there.

I don’t know a single thing, on what’s going on there. I don’t even know what you do there, except for updates here and there, from friends, but seldom from you.

I don’t get it why am I getting the blame.

If you think that I’m feeling like you’re ignoring me, which technically says you know you are ignoring me. Hello, I know I’m just another somebody in your life, but have it ever occur to you somehow or rather I’m like in the dark or something.

Though the tweets weren’t referring to that, or were they (now that I think of it, they fit)? Since you brought it up, it’s food for thought. You don’t reply me, from my perspective you reply a lot of people in the world but you don’t reply me. Did I just get singled out by coincidence?

If it’s one thing that I’m really disappointed about, was that when I woke up 5.30am on your birthday, I told you I would wanna give you a call or something to sing you a birthday song. You didn’t appear anywhere. Why do you think I wanna call? I just want to hear your voice.

Tonight is just… I don’t know I don’t even know how to describe how I feel. Disappointed? Maybe. Surprised? Not really, its you I’m talking about. Upset? Yea, a whole lot, but thats not really the word. Heartbroken? Totally.

I’m trying to have a conversation and when you seem uninterested, I’m just… trying to save whatever dignity I’ve left.

‘Well sorry for pissing you off then, or ending your night badly. Bye.’

Seriously. Really made me felt like a fool. Why bother, really.

So, its back to the question, am I really that sensitive? Or it’s just you being insensitive.


Written by nwck89

October 26, 2010 at 12:38 am

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