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After all the worries and late night prayers, and spending a whole day exhausting whatever contacts I can grab hold of, the time to say good bye is finally here.

I’ll try not to shed a tear when she walk through the departure gate.

I’ll try to let go if I do get to give her a goodbye hug.

I’ll try to get a good look at her before anything changes for the next one year.

I’ll try to be myself.

Everything will be fine, I’m sure.

She is always in Your hands, Lord.

It’s only a year.

I’ll try not to cry, really.

I know I’ll miss her, dearly.

and I know, she’s worth the wait.

11.15pm flight, 5th October, 2010.

After everything, I know, I just long to see her smile again. Seeing how everyone wishing her well and bidding farewell on Facebook, knocked more aspects of reality into me that she IS really leaving tonight.

I’m not gonna bid farewell to her on Facebook, I don’t wanna say good bye so soon.

I’m just glad I did what I had to on the 28th of September. No regrets now that she’s leaving.

I’ll stand by what I told her. I’ll wait.

I’m sure, this too, will come to past.

To some good bye means forever, but I would just like to see it as, I’ll see you again. =)


Written by nwck89

October 5, 2010 at 3:54 pm

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